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 Kiski Junction
    Railroad Inc
 P.O. Box 48
 130 Railroad Street
 Schenley, PA 15682

 (724) 295-5577


Do you know?

1. How many railroad ties are in a mile?

a. 200
b. 1500
c. 3000

2. How long does it take to stop a train at 55 miles per hour?

a. 3000 feet
b. 1/2 mile
c. one mile

3. What kind of a license does an engineer have to drive a train?

a. Drivers license
b. CDL
c. Federal Engineers license

4. What determines how fast a train goes on it's tracks?

a. horsepower of engines
b. weight of freight pulled
c. track conditions

5. Who owns railroad crossings?

a..the state or county
b. the federal government
c. railroads themselves

6. Standard gage railroad track in the united States is 4 foot 8 and 1/2 inches, ties are usually 8 foot 6 inches, how wide are railroad cars?

a. 5 feet
b. 9 feet
c. 10 feet

7. How are most people injured around railroads?

a. climbing on railroad cars
b. trespassing
c. ignoring railroad crossing protection.

8. What is the average weight of a load on a railroad car?

a. 50 tons
b. 75 tons
c. 100 tons.

9. How far can our 660 horsepower Alco locomotive pull 5 loaded cars ( 99 ton payload each car) on one gallon of fuel?

a. 100 feet
b. 1000 feet
c. one mile.

10. How many railroads in the state of Pennsylvania?

a. 14
b. 27
c. 65

If you guessed C, you are right on all questions!

Congratulations! You win the Kiski Junction Railroad WORK SAFELY TODAY AWARD!

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