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 Kiski Junction
    Railroad Inc
 P.O. Box 48
 130 Railroad Street
 Schenley, PA 15682

 (724) 295-5577

Our History

History Timeline

  • 1856 - Allegheny Valley Railroad

  • 1892 - Allegheny Railway Company

  • 1910 - Pennsylvania Railroad, this was their main line from Pittsburgh to Buffalo NY.

  • 1968 - PRR merged into Penn-Central

  • 1976 - Penn-Central merged into Conrail

  • 1992 - Conrail sold off all but 5.2 miles

  • 1995 - Kiski Junction Railroad buys remaining 5.2 miles still in active freight service from Conrail.

Our Main Line

  • We now own from Aladdin through Schenley, including the bridge over the Kiski River built in 1899 (our interchange with Norfolk Southern), by the Pencoyd Bridge Company of Philadelphia.  

  • The above is history of our main line.

  • Our Branch line to Bagdad was originally part of the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal, western division, that traveled from Pittsburgh to Johnstown built in 1827.In 1857 the canal was sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad who filled it in and built railroad tracks on the top.

  • This railroad line traveled from Schenley to the Kiskimere coal mine just west of Apollo.

  • 1960's Allegheny Ludlum builds the Bagdad Plant and at some point Conrail sold off from our MP4 to MP6.

  • Our remaining track stops one mile short of the town of Leechburg.

  • Along our tracks are original canal remnants, old coal mine remnants, and the former Schenley Distillery.

  • Our U.S. Post Office has been here since 1916 and still serves all 72+ residents.

  • We have over 200 summer campers and a Yacht Club who boat on the Allegheny and Kiski Rivers,

  • A spectacular 100+ year old bridge,

  • Lock # 5, beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife.

  • A real working railroad that started  over 150 years ago.

     The Kiski Junction Railroad is an independent common carrier short-line.

    We are NOT part of or owned by a short-line conglomerate or larger railroad company.




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