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 Kiski Junction
    Railroad Inc
 P.O. Box 48
 130 Railroad Street
 Schenley, PA 15682

 (724) 295-5577

Frequently Asked Questions

MISCELLANEOUS:  Food, bathrooms ,pets, etc.


IMPORTANT!  Reservation Policy!: This is repeated elsewhere on this website, but just to be clear:  Reservations are REQUIRED for ALL trains in the month of October, as well as ALL Holiday Trains and any other special event trains. All other trains operate on a strictly first-come-first-serve basis.  Please only call to make reservations if you are bringing a large group.

  1. There are no restrooms on the train, we have port-a-johns on site at the station.

  2. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and eat right on the train! We do have snacks and soft drinks in the station for sale that you are also welcome to take on the train. (Also at affordable prices).

  3. Temperature policy: If the temperature is forecasted to be above 95 degrees, we will not run.  If in doubt, call us!

  4. Inclement Weather: We're the opposite of government; things have to get pretty bad for us to not operate.  Excessive lightening or unusually bad storms (IE: it's hailing sideways!)  are the exceptions.  If in doubt, call us!

  5. Sorry no petsLicensed Guide and Therapy Dogs Only.  Dogs MUST have a work dog harness on.

  6. Parking is free.

  7. We are not handicap accessible, however we do have a boarding ramp, (with a drop down  metal boarding plate), for the transfer caboose # 200. That caboose has tables and open decks on either end. One end has a 36" door to inside that can accommodate a wheelchair. The port-a johns however can not accommodate a wheelchair.

  8. There are no seat belts on the train; we run slow enough that this is not an issue. You are welcome to bring babies or toddlers in a  carrier or stroller. We do ask that children not sit on the tables. You can not move between cars while the train is moving as each car is secured with gates.

  9. Children are encouraged to ask any and all questions and we will try to answer (same for adults). We were all kids once.

  10. We are accepting credit cards, and we can take cash, travelers checks or personal checks with proper ID.

  11.  Sorry we do not have any ATM machines at the station.
    (Groups must pay for tickets upon arrival, we cannot bill for tickets).

  12. Q: "It's 1:59 and most of us are already on the train, but a few members of our party got lost and will be here in just a few minutes.  Can you hold the train up?"
    A: Short answer-No.  Long answer-Nooooooooo.

  13. Q: I didn't know I needed reservations for (insert train that you need reservations for.)  Why didn't I know that?
    A: Because you didn't check our website, or read our brochure, or call us, or email us.  The latter of which you can do by clicking the link directly below this sentence.

  14. Please contact us for any questions not answered here.

Who: is the Kiski Junction Railroad?

We are a working freight railroad, that serves Allegheny Ludlum Bagdad steel mill for a living, and operates tourist trains as a sideline. We have been in operation since 1995.- see history here

We have been Featured on Pennsylvania Cable Network,  by Dave Crawley KDKA TV-2, in  Westsylvania Magazine, are included in the Rivers of Steel Heritage Tours, and numerous regional  newspapers, magazines and web sites. We  work with many tourist agencies, schools and travel companies in the region. See our ads in Pittsburgh Parent Magazine.

Come and enjoy a short, fun, safe, train ride on a real working railroad!

Safety Awards

We have numerous times earned  the American Shortline, Regional, Railroad Association "Jake" award for safety and they are all proudly displayed in our station. We are also proud of our Federal Railroad Administration  "no defects found" track safety inspections.

Member- Armstrong County Tourist Bureau

Member- Indiana County Tourist Bureau

What:  do you do exactly?

What we do is take custom remodeled, clean, comfortable, safe passenger cars, many equipped with tables, on a one hour round trip ride, along the scenic Allegheny or Kiski rivers June-October.

see pictures of the cars here

When: do you run passenger trains?

Our schedule is here.

Special events rides: Fall Leaf, Christmas.

Where: are you located?

We are located in Schenley , Gilpin Twp., Armstrong County, in the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania, about 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh - click here for directions.

How: can I make reservations or buy tickets to ride?

We do not sell tickets in advance, no reservations needed on regular runs, no deposits required, just come and ride. If you have a group, it would be wise to call or email first so we can take all our cars along. All seat selection is first come first serve.

We suggest arriving 1/2 hour before departure because we leave EXACTLY as sheduled.

We do run Fall Leaf Excursions and trains, these and other specials ARE operated on advanced reservations only all details are on the events page

We now accept these credit cards  

How: can I make reservations or buy discount tickets for a group to ride?

We do not offer group discountsWe can no longer guarantee our availability to do special runs for large groups.

Try taking our Kiski Junction Railroad Safety Quiz ...  Click here

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